Erasmus+ AGM+ programme brings institutional, academic and athletic fields together, reinforcing that way a common feeling of European citizenship. Our main goal is to consolidate Erasmus+ as a reference and unifying programme. We strive to spread throughout diverse societies the key role education and sports values play in order to unify and bring different cultures and individuals closer. Official press release: Erasmus+AGM+

Erasmus+ works as a cohesion element inside the European Union, developing an even stronger supranational, transversal and unifying system. Academic entities, institutions, and students will be, at the same time, receivers and promoters of a European educational model. Universities will act as a key location for the development of Erasmus+.

The new European-oriented programme includes sports as a key element for the first time; present in citizen´ daily lives, it will therefore create a very powerful European gathering point.

These universities will promote European education, reaching out to thousands of students and athletes, and distinguishing themselves from other universities due to their athletic programmes. Besides, they will be able to find student-athletes possessing great values sports-related, such as hard work, dedication, consistency and group work abilities.

Susana del Río, Programme Director

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